Manufactured Tie-Downs

FHA/VA Foundation Requirements

To obtain an FHA or VA insured loan on a manufactured home (including Reverse Mortgage and Refinancing) a structural engineer must certify that the foundation meets the HUD guidelines specified in…The Permanent Foundation Guidelines for Manufactured Homes (Sept.1996).  These guidelines help to establish a national standard of consistency regarding manufactured home installation.

Manufactured/mobile homes must meet national standards regarding all construction aspects before leaving the factory.  However, installation standards vary from state to state.  Additionally, manufactured homes are unique in that they can either be titled as "personal" property or "real" property.  In Arizona, the classification of "personal" or "real" property is determined by how the property is taxed.  Since the state/county requirements vary, the structural engineer certification letter helps to provide national consistency.

If a structural engineer cannot certify the foundation of an existing manufactured home as meeting the guidelines, then Manufactured Tie-Downs can provide approved engineered foundation systems that can be retrofitted in combination with the existing structural components.  Manufactured Tie-Downs can provide both the necessary retrofits and can assist in the engineering certification process.

In addition to the Engineer's Certification that the home is on a permanent foundation, the following are other requirements that must be met:

To be acceptable for FHA/VA financing, a manufactured home dwelling must:

  • Have a national manufactured home construction and safety standards label affixed to the dwelling (a.k.a. HUD tag).  Only homes manufactured after June 15, 1976 will bear these labels.  They are only obtainable at the factory and if they are missing they cannot be replaced.  There are two labels on doublewide units.  If the HUD(s) label is missing, usually a label verification letter from the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) ( will suffice.
  • Have a floor space area no less than 400 square feet.
  • The manufactured home must be classified and taxed as real estate and meet regular FHA/HUD guidelines for "real" property.
  • The foundation system must be properly anchored/installed and meet guidelines of the HUD manual 4930.3 (Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, dated September 1996).  A structural engineering certification will be required to verify compliance to the handbook guidelines.
  • Have permanent installed utilities that are protected from freezing.
  • Have a properly enclosed crawl space with appropriate ventilation.
  • Be at a grade level at or above the 100 year flood elevation even if the property is not located in a special flood hazard area.
  • The manufactured home must not have been installed or occupied previously at any other site or location.
  • Have any hitches, wheels, axels, undercarriage etc. removed.


















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